Sunday, October 27, 2013

From this to that and playing with beads....

From: canvas, scrap paper, Styrofoam, hooks, lace and random doo dads

Mod podged paper to back side of canvas frame.  Inserted a stick of styrofoam.

 Covered wooden frame and some boo boos with lace.

 Added hooks on top.
Covered foam with lace and flower trim.  Added pearl trim, some applique corners and some metal flowers to create....  A stick pin/charm display.

Bowed up this broach to added some sparkle.

Ta DA!

A few little pins and charms.


Playing with beads.

Random bead charm, Zebra Heart charm, Safety pin charm, Sassy Feathered Hat Girl Stick pin and White Princess Fairy pin.

I really enjoy making stick pin creatures.  I'm new at this - it is so fun! .

Bow Hair Girl
Ballerina Star Girl

Red Striped Flower Head Ribbon Skirt Girl

Sparkly Heart Pin
Bow Bunny Girl (her shadow is so cute :-)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Prim and I are crafting today.

 I've always wanted a Halloween wreath so ... why not make one!!!  Supplies laid out on the bed....  foam pipe insulation wrapped in wide ribbon. 125 yards of tulle cut into 18 inch strips. Lots and lots of knots tied around the new foam circle.

 Oh and did I mention LED purple lights... gotta have some bling.

Ready to decorate!

 Added some black silk roses, a skull, some webby yarn, some sparkly spiders, purple stickles and a big purple momma spider - BOO!

My completed Halloween wreath hanging on a Christmas door hanger lol.